Dr. Mid-Nite

Dedicated Doctor / Crusading Crimefighter!


Dr. Mid-Nite
(Dr. Charles McNider, Former Medical Doctor / True Crime Author)

Affiliations: Solo d8, Buddy d6, Team d10

Distinctions: Dedicated Physician, Justice is Blind, Won’t Back Down


Darkness Adaptation: Enhanced Reflexes d8, Enhanced Senses d8
SFXFocus. When A Darkness Adaptation power is part of an action pool, you may take two dice of equal size and replace them with one of +1 step.
SFXInfra-Red Goggles. Step-up Enhanced Senses +1 for vision-related actions.
SFX- Night Vision. Dr. Mid-Nite does not suffer from complications based on an inability to see in any level of darkness.
LimitExhausted. Shutdown Enhanced Reflexes to gain 1 PP. Recover by activating an opportunity, or during a transition scene.
LimitI’m Blind Without my Infrared Goggles! If Dr. Mid-Nite doesn’t have access to his Infrared Goggles in non-dark lighting, shutdown Darkness Adaptation and take a d8 Blindness complication. Gain 1 PP.

Crimefighting Equipment: Body Armor d6, Weapon d8
SFXBlackout Bombs. When using Weapon to create darkness-based complications, add an extra d6 to the pool and step-up the effect die by +1.
SFXBlackout Radius. When using the Blackout Bombs SFX target multiple opponents. Add a d6 for every target after the first, and keep one extra effect die.
SFXHooty the Owl. Target an additional opponent and either add a d8 to your pool or step up your effect die. Keep an additional effect die.
LimitGear. Shutdown a Crimefighting Equipment power to gain 1 PP. Recover by activating an opportunity.

Specialties: Animal Expert d8, Combat Expert d8, Covert Master d10, Crime Expert d8, Medical Master d10, Psych Expert d8, Science Expert d8, Tech Expert d8


Justice in the Dark
1 xp when you stress-out an opponent suffering from a Blackout Bomb Complication that you created.
3 xp when you take a Blindness complication.
10 xp when you personally defeat an opponent while suffering a Blindness complication, or inspire someone to accept their challenges and move on after witnessing you fight while suffering a Blindness complication.

House Calls After Midnight
1 xp when you use your Medical Master specialty to help another character recover physical stress.
3 xp when you help another character recover d10 or less Physical Trauma with the use of your Medical Master specialty.
10 xp when you bring a character back from the brink of death (d12 Physical Trauma), or decide that the person in need of medical treatment is too evil or corrupt and that the world would be better off without that person in it.


“There are no dark corners for evil to hide in… no shadows too deep for the ever-vigilant eyes of Dr. Mid-Nite to penetrate”

Doctor Charles McNider was a world class expert in medical research as well as a practising physician. Therefore it was not unusual for him to be called out during the night. The particular night in question he was called out by the local police to attend the bed of an informant vital to the prosecution of Boss “Killer” Maroni who had been shot. In order to finish the job one of Maroni’s stooges threw a hand grenade through the window. The informant and his wife were killed along with the police officer but somehow McNider survived. Eventually McNider was released from hospital but flying glass had robbed him of his sight rendering him blind. With the help of his nurse, Myra Mason, he continued his research and began a second career as an author publishing sensational attacks on Marconi and his kind. While angered by this the gangster decided to try and ignore the written attacks.

Not naturally given to self pity McNider found himself with a lot of free time on which to reflect upon his condition. One such night he was sat alone in his darkened study, when, quite suddenly a majestic owl accidentally crashed though the window. The surprised McNider accidentally loosened the bandages covering his eyes and discovered that he could see perfectly in the pitch black of the night, however when he turned on the light he found himself blind once again. In effect his eyesight had been inverted, he could see as well by night as a normal man could by day and vice versa. McNider adopted the owl who he named “Hooty” and began researching lenses for glasses that would let him see in the daytime. Based an infra-red compound the infra-red specs shielded his eyes in the daytime effectively making it look like night time.

Angered by Marconi’s continuing campaign of terror and rackets McNider decided to put his new found ability to good use. Hiding the fact that he could see from Myra he began putting together the identity of Doctor Mid-Nite. Inspired by the bomb that had blinded him he mixed trace amounts of explosives with other ingredients to create his signature Black-out Bombs, a compound that he would later share with his successor (Dr. Midnight) and the Batman, they rendered the entire area in a fog as dark as night that still allowed his altered vision to see through. Donning an old masquerade costume and gloves (to hide his fingerprints) he was, along with Hooty, ready to confront Marconi

After saving the life of an important witness against Marconi (by operating as a physician in the dark rather than a mystery man) Dr Mid-Nite tracked down the gangster to his hideout. Blowing the fuses so that he could operate in the dark and too confuse his opponents. He attacked, easily taking down the blinded thugs. Marconi was soon out cold and all wrapped up complete with evidence for the police. Keeping the identity of Dr Mid-Nite secret McNider was able to watch Marconi brought to trial with his own commentaries covering the affair in the paper.

As a caped crusader Doctor Mid-Nite was an enigmatic and constant force against the various gangsters and criminals of New York City. However by day he maintained the image of the blind doctor and newspaper writer. Driven by his need to undermine and topple the gangsters Mid-Nite avoided collecting a colourful rogues-gallery like many of his contemporaries. When Alan Scott (Green Lantern I) and Rex Tyler (Hourman I) stepped down from the Justice Society the team asked McNider and Ted Knight (Starman I) to join them against the evil scientist Dr Elba. Then when the United States fully entered the war he was a founding member of the All-Star Squadron until the Justice Society disbanded to allow the individual members to enlist in the regular army.

Despite his blindness McNider served as a special consultant to the US Army Medical Corps with the rank of Captain in the South Pacific war theatre (he even brought Myra along with him). In due course the war department reformed the Justice Society as the Justice Battalion and McNider once again became Dr Mid-Nite. Times changed, especially after the war, and the Doctor found himself up against true super-criminals with the likes of original Doctor Light, who used light based technology to even the odds. Now McNider splits his time between New York City and Washington D.C. as he becomes embroiled in one of the most important mission’s the Justice Society has ever undertaken…

Dr. Mid-Nite

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