The year is 1946…

World War 2 is over. The Allied Powers have prevailed. The sheer enormity of the Holocaust is just now coming into focus. The hunt across the world for those responsible begins now.

JSA 1946 tells a tale of the Justice Society of America if the government asked them to serve their country for just a little more time after the end of WWII. The Axis Powers had immense supernatural power at their disposal, power enough to keep the likes of the Spectre at bay. In addition to that, Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan had secret scientific programs in place to develop a counter to the wealth of superhumans that the West had at the time.

The mystery men and women that comprised the All-Star Squadron have folded the organization. Uncle Sam has taken his band of Freedom Fighters to “another time, another place,” where the Axis didn’t lose the war in an effort to bring justice and liberty to a people in need. It’s up to America’s preeminent heroes to help pursue justice across the globe. Their job is to hunt-down the superhuman and supernatural agents of the Axis still at-large, and contain the threat of any legacy of the Third Reich gone as-yet undiscovered.

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: JSA 1946

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