Green Lantern

Keeper of the Green Flame!


Green Lantern
(Alan Scott, Broadcasting Engineer)

Affiliations: Solo d10, Buddy d6, Team d8

Distinctions: Heroic Ideal, Keeper of the Green Flame, Stalwart


Ring of Power: Enhanced Senses d8, Godlike Durability d12, Intangibility d10, Mystic Flame d8, Subsonic Flight d8, Superhuman Stamina d10, Telekinesis d10
SFXArea Attack. Target multiple opponents. For each additional target past the first, add a d6 and keep +1 effect die.
SFXLight the Danger. Spend 1 PP or use an effect die to create a Revealed by Mystic Flame complication for a hidden target. That target cannot hide from you until the complication is removed or Enhanced Senses is shutdown. If you successfully step up that complication or inflict stress on that target, all of your allies are able to perceive that character as well until the end of your next action.
SFXMultipower. You may use two or more power traits in a dice pool, but at -1 step for each power used beyond the first.
SFXMystic Flame Contructs. When using the Ring of Power to create Assets, add a d6 to your pool and step-up the effect die by +1.
SFXReactive Power. Spend 1 PP to add a Ring of Power trait to another character’s reaction pool. If that character takes Physical Stress, take d6 Mental Stress.
SFXWillpower. You may redirect Physical Stress to Mental Stress at no cost. Redirect effect dice targetting assets created by the Ring of Power to yourself as Mental Stress at no cost. Spend 1 PP to step-back Mental Stress by -1.
Limit24 Hour Charge. You need to recharge your ring by touching it to your Power Battery and reciting your oath once every 24 hours. Failing to do so causes the Ring of Power to Shutdown. If this happens, gain 1 PP.
LimitGear. Shutdown Ring of Power to rain 1 PP. Activate an opportunity to recover.
LimitIneffective against wood. All Ring of Power traits and SFX are ineffective against attacks, complications, effects,and objects comprised of wood. Gain 1 PP under any of these circumstances.

Specialties: Business Expert d8, Combat Expert d8, Psych Expert d8, Tech Expert d8


“…And I Shall Shed My Light Over Dark Evil”
1 xp when you use your Light the Danger SFX
3 xp when you first recite your Green Lantern Oath in a scene.
10 xp when you overcome an opponent who triggers your Ineffective against wood Limit, or you become stressed-out by an opponent who uses your Ineffective against wood limit against you.

Fueled by Willpower
1 xp when you redirect Physical Stress to Mental Stress.
3 xp when you first add one of your own stress dice to a pool in a scene.
10 xp when you choose to inflict Physical Trauma on a foe who has inflicted Physical Stress on you and at least one other character, or when you redirect Physical Stress intended for another character to yourself as Mental Stress.


“And I shall shed my light over dark evil… for, the dark things cannot stand the light… the light of the Green Lantern!” – Alan Scott’s oath as he charges his Ring of Power

Raised in the Midwest, young Alan Scott made his way to New York City when he began college. After two years in Pre-Med, he switched his studies to engineering and after graduation, found work building railroad bridges in the American Southwest. His contractor, a swindler named Dekker, had used substandard materials and had failed to follow all the safety guidelines. During a test run on one of the trains, Scott was nearly killed when the trestles collapsed, and his friend Jimmy wasn’t so lucky. Wishing for the power to make things right and to bring Dekker to justice, his prayers were answered by a fragment of The Starheart, a collection of the “wild magic of the universe” collected by the Guardians of Oa millions of years ago. The Starheart Fragment was carved into a railroad lantern and now was giving Scott its power to bring his dreams into reality.

After bringing Dekker and his cronies to justice, Scott found that he could tap into the power of the lantern with a ring carved into the shape of the lantern that he wore on his left hand. Like the “mystery-men” that began to fill the newspapers in late 1939, he too wore a costume, more like a dramatic operetta character, with a large flowing cape and a mask to hide his identity.

After several adventures in Metropolis, he moved to Gotham City in early 1940, taking a job with WXYZ, a radio station. He began as a news reporter and soon became somewhat a star in his own right, with many reports about the new hero, The Green Lantern. At the station, his confidant and chauffeur was Charles “Doiby” Dickles, a cabbie who later became aware of Scott dual ID and aided him on many cases.

After meeting another hero, Keystone City’s Flash, The Green Lantern was asked by the US government to aid British Intelligence. That case led to the formation of the Justice Society of America, which he was a founding member and second chairman. He struck up friendships with the Flash and Hawkman, and after the Flash left to pursue other interests, Green Lantern became its second chairman. On one case in June of 1941, however, he felt the limitations that his humanity still held as he was unable to stop the death of a young boy. Feeling that he might be spreading himself too thin, he also took a leave of absence. His friendships still held together, and he joined the Army before he might be drafted in late 1941, before the outbreak of the Second World War. His buddy Doiby re-enlisted too, though he was a Sargent to Scott’s “buck private”.

Captured along with the active JSA members, The Green Lantern soon joined the Presidentially mandated All-Star Squadron and was semi-active with that group. When the US officially entered World War II, Scott was released from his military service to continue broadcasting, this due in large part to many contacts he made in the U.S. Government through well-connected members of the All-Star Squadron (namely the Freedom Fighters’ Black Condor, who was impersonating a sitting U.S. Senator in his secret identity)

Today Green Lantern has returned to full-time status with the JSA just as his government has a new mission for him…

Green Lantern

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