The Flash

Jay Garrick is the Fastest Man Alive!


The Flash
(Jay Garrick, Research Chemist)

Affiliations: Solo d8, Buddy d6, Team d10

Distinctions: Dedicated, Fastest Man Alive, Quick Witted


Superspeed: Air Control d8, Godlike Reflexes d12, Godlike Speed d12, Intangibility d10, Invisibility d8, Superhuman Stamina d10
SFXAround the World in 80 Microseconds. Against multiple targets, add a d6 for each one after the first and keep an extra effect die.
SFXCatching Bullets. Spend 1 PP to ignore the effects of attacks involving small, physical projectiles (arrows, bullets, spears, etc.). Spend 1 PP to allow a nearby ally to use your Godlike Reflexes in a reaction pool against the same kind of projectiles.
SFXFaster Than Lightning. Double a Superspeed power for one reaction to an attack action. If that reaction fails, add a die to the doom pool equal to the normal rating of that power die.
SFXHuman Tornado. Step-up the effect die when creating Air Control and Speed-related assets or complications.
SFXMachine Gun Punches. Against a single target, double a Godlike Reflexes die. Remove the highest rolling die and use three dice for your total.
SFXMultipower. You may use more than one Superspeed power in a pool. Step-down each power -1 for each power used.
LimitExhausted. Shutdown a Superspeed power to gain 1 PP. Recover by activating an opportunity or during a transition scene.
LimitHometown Hero. Take a d6 or step-up any Emotional Stress relating to incidents concerning Keystone City and gain 1 PP.

Specialties: Acrobatic Expert d8, Combat Expert d8, Science Expert d8


1 xp when you use your superspeed to perform a mundane, non-heroic task in an extraordinary way.
3 xp when you talk to an ally about how to maintain a normal life while acting as a hero, or when you help a hero recover emotional stress during a transition scene by reminding them nobody’s perfect.
10 xp when you give up superheroics to focus on your family and other more mundane aspects of your life, or when you give up an emotionally important element of the non-heroic side of your life to focus on being a hero.

Life at Lightspeed
1 xp when you use your Catching Bullets SFX to grant your Godlike Reflexes to an ally.
3 xp when you use your powers to remove a threat froma situation where innocents are threatened, or to move innocents beyond the reach of a threat.
10 xp when other tasks keep you from arriving on time to save a person you care about, or when you save one or more people you care about despite having one or more of your powers shut down.


“By moving my body back and forth, I can become invisible to human eyes – because my nervous reactions are twenty times faster than normal – what to me is just a little weaving motion is so fast to the human eye that I cannot be seen,” the Flash c. 1940

Jay Garrick was an average child of the early 20th Century, filling his head with the tales of Whip Whirlwind; the speedster from the dime novels that he read. His dreams of speed filled his days on the football field, even at Midwestern University, where he majored in Physics and Chemistry while trying to hold onto his place on the team. His coach’s nickname for him “Leadfoot”, showed no promise for him, but this didn’t matter to the girl he was trying to impress, Joan Williams.

After another hard day of being the receiving end of Coach’s terror and classes, Jay was burning the midnight oil in the chemistry labs, hoping to analyze a new “heavy water” compound. Weariness and the fumes from the chemicals overtook him, and Jay passed out, only to be exposed to the “heavy water” compounds and other chemicals. Rescued by his friend Elliot Sherman, Jay lay in a coma for more than three weeks as his body altered to utilize the energies that it could tap. When he awoke, he found that he could move at terrific speeds. At his next (and final) game, “Leadfoot” Garrick set college records for receiving and touchdowns scored in a single quarter. He knew that these abilities could be used for a greater good than just athletics, so after transferring to Keystone University to receive his Masters degree in Chemistry and Physics (his reading speed had also increased), Jay Garrick set out to aid humanity as the red and blue blur known as…The Flash!

After graduation, he landed a job as a researcher at Keystone Labs in Keystone City. With his girlfriend (and fiancée), Joan Williams, fought crime beginning in late 1939. He was soon awarded an honorary position as a law-enforcement agent in Keystone City, an unusual arrangement among mystery men at the time.

Several months later, as he hit his maximum speed, he became able to tap into the Speed Force, an other-worldly energy force that expanded his abilities almost infinitely, limited only by his imagination.

Two years later, The Flash met first another hero, the Green Lantern and then several others as a founding member of the Justice Society of America. The Flash was the first chairman of the group, and later in 1941, the first to take an honorary membership as his duties in Keystone City began to take up more of his time. He nominated the likable, but often-confused, Johnny Thunder as his replacement. The Flash, along with the other members of the JSA, were bathed in “chronal radiations” that served to keep them vital in the coming decades. When he was captured along with the active JSA members, he and the others were also charter members of the All-Star Squadron.

After the war ended, Jay was in the midst of being recruited by fellow JSA’er Rex “Tick-Tock” Tyler (a.k.a. Hourman) to start a new pharmaceuticals company. But action called when he received a telegram from the White House with a request he undertake a special mission with other members of the JSA

The Flash

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